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SBCCA Quarterly Update September 2019

 | Published on 9/4/2019

Quarterly Update

September 4th 2019.



Spring has sprung and despite the relatively mild winter, it’s great to see everyone emerge from hibernation into spring. With spring, what’s not to love about seeing new life and new opportunities blossom that can benefit both our businesses and community.


At the risk of repeating myself, our last three months has been taken up with your committee finalising the updating of our website, email and accounting system to be more integrated. It’s all done now apart from a few last minute bug fixes and re-directing emails etc, so if you notice anything odd, please be sure to let us know so we can look at it and make further changes if needed.

We hope you enjoy the new look, feel and functionality as much as we appreciate the streamlined back office functions it is providing us with. A special thanks to Allen Hattaway our IT expert and treasurer for your diligence and hard work.

Please note our new contact details are as follows:


Emails: (Jo Hanlon) (Ann Morris) (Allen Hattaway)


A few changes have occurred since our last Qtrly meeting as follows:


We lost one of our Committee members unexpectedly with Reye Raea passing away, he was a gentle giant and a generous soul whom we all miss. He has left a gaping hole in our social media/marketing capability as well as committee membership numbers, so if you know of anyone who might be willing and able to fill the gap, please feel free to point them our way. All our committee roles are voluntary (ie: unpaid), but it’s a great way to actively contribute to your community and have a direct influence in its future. Anyone over 18 years old is welcome to apply, young ideas and energy as well as wisdom & experience will always be valuable additions.


We recently decided to pull out of our shared office arrangement in Bridge St. Changes made within potential partnerships plus a few other plans not being realised made ongoing tenancy untenable. Thank you to Debbie Worthington from Mortgage Choice who offered us the opportunity and was willing to share their space in the first place.


No doubt many of us will have noticed many of the changes that are occurring in town, some of them being:

  • The Toshiba distribution centre opening – welcome to the Toshiba team, we look forward to meeting you sometime and hope you join our Chamber.
  • The readying of the commercial business park for new business expansion;
  • Further work being (slowly) done on the Bernie Goodwin Oval area;
  • Continuing work on the Trinity Point Marina and surrounds;
  • The Fishery Point intersection being completed and,

    as late as last Friday

  • The exciting announcement about the proposed Cedar Mill Development for the previous Morisset Country Club site. We very much look forward to hearing more about this tonight at our meeting.





At our last Quarterly update in June following the loss of a number of our valued community hubs we had Peter Francis come and talk to us about the efforts DANTIA and other stakeholders such as Council are putting into the economic development of our region. There were lots of questions from the audience about what needs to be put in place to drive the growth of infrastructure and more assets to service our community with Peter’s answer being: factors such as a growth in affordable housing and private investment which leads to a growth in population which leads to council, state and eventually federal investment in more roads and healthcare. This is the reality of economics whether we like it or not and with the increasing demands on private and public purses to spend more on community facilities, the areas with the most urgent demand usually get the resources first.


CEDAR MILL DEVELOPMENT: A large number of people around town have been expressing their concern that the previous Country Club site would be sold off to overseas investors with the loss of the site for the general use of our community. With the news of the event and function Cedar Mill development DA’s being lodged under management of local hands, this has created a lot of buzz around town, with the vast majority of it being positive. Parking and traffic are acknowledged as being of concern, however the Developers are aware of this with mitigating strategies being considered, and in relation to the above comments from DANTIA, such a development can only hasten the need and heighten the focus into our region for supportive infrastructure to be built.


Change is always polarising in communities with those that support the planned change and feel that we have lots to gain as well as those that feel upset or sad at what they feel has been lost. Because Morisset and our Southlake Mac region sits so strategically near the M1, a number of train stations form our spine, that we are relatively close to Sydney and Newcastle, we have space to grow and the fact that the Council has identified us as being 1 of their top 3 focus areas, it’s important we welcome assets and resources that can add value to our community. Providing jobs for our younger people, economic $ injections of direct and supportive investments that increase the value of our homes and businesses but most importantly, projects that inject hope and excitement into forming a sustainable community into the future are critical to the health of the Southlake region.


As your Business Chamber and Community Alliance, we feel that any initiative such as this planned development which has been envisioned and acted on by local residents and has the ability to appeal to a wide range of local businesses and other residents, can only be a big plus.


Tonight’s event and a further one planned for early October are meant to provide opportunities to the wider community to come and find out the details first hand and to ask questions, as well as provide ideas and input directly to Paul and Kyle. We also encourage you to go online and provide feedback on the LMCC website whilst the DAs are up for comment. Action achieves results after all!!


Future SBCCA events: One of the new ways we are aiming to engage with our members and guests is by having a cyclical variety of events of different types across different locations, so please keep an eye out for the details of each event as they are promoted. The general cycle (unless changed for extraordinary events ) will be: Month 1: Quarterly update & Community interactive/information event; Month 2: A networking meeting with training, Month 3: Meet my Business and networking event (morning or evening). Our AGM and Xmas event will be in December as usual.


Our goals is to provide a forum for people with a passion for local business or community to gather and connectwork, and we hope you choose to join us. Please email any of your committee members on our new emails, call our new SBCCA mb 0466 156 310, or visit  or our fb page @Southlakemac at anytime.


Thanks to our members for being part of us, for joining or renewing your membership or simply for attending an event. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Jo Hanlon

President SBCCA