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SBCCA August 2019 New Update

 | Published on 8/1/2019
Quite a number of people I know have recently lost loved ones, the last one at the time of writing this being our very own Reye Raea who popped up into our sphere some 4 months ago, very generously volunteering a considerable amount of his time and effort to assist the SBCCA with our digital marketing activities. Reye quickly became a valuable committee member, increasingly seen with his camera and support crew filming local events and businesses to share on our social media sites. RIP Reye, you will be sadly missed.

Critical illness, accidents or death of people in key roles is not a topic often discussed in the context of business day to day, but sadly it can happen and sometimes quite suddenly, so it’s wise to pre-plan both in businesses and life to help minimise the impact on those left behind. Please visit your lawyer sooner rather than later to do your will, assign a financial, business and health power of attorney and guardianship, create a business succession/exit p